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2008-10 ZX-10R Brake Lever Slider

1. This is the brake side slider and bolt.

2. First, remove this factory bolt using a 6mm allen wrench.

3. Next, install the slider using the supplied bolt.
Torque 32 ft/lbs.

4. This is how it will look after installation.

2008-9 ZX-10R Clutch Lever Slider

1. This is the clutch side slider, base and bolt with washer.

2. First, remove the 3 fairing bolts using a 4mm allen wrench.

3. Next, remove this factory bolt using a 6mm allen wrench.

4. A hole has to be made for the slider base to pass through and bolt to the frame.
It is suggested to use a laser pointer mounted on a camera tripod.
Aim the laser into the center of the factory bolt and replace the fairing.
Mark where the laser lands on the surface of the fairing.
Remove the fairing and use a step-bit to cut the hole in the fairing.

5. After cutting the hole in the fairing, reinstall the fairing and the 3 fairing bolts.

6. Install the slider on its base and to the frame using the supplied bolt and washer.
Torque 32 ft/lbs.

7. This is how the slider should look after installation.

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